You can ponder your inevitable fate at the iconic cemetery's monthly series of death salons.
"Who wants to spend their afterlife with their skull in the trash?"
"We have a great respect for those that are buried here, and for their families,"
Cops say it may have been there "for a day or two."
Old cemeteries render a usually monolithic History in an idiosyncratic way.
"What baffles us is why people would feel it's OK to park on top of a grave anywhere, let alone here."
A sharp-eyed mourner managed to stop the wrong casket from being placed in her father's grave in a Staten Island cemetery last year.
A Queens cemetery worker is in critical condition after plunging into a freshly dug grave while attempting to move a headstone.
Apparently when it comes to house-hunters in the city, a neighboring cemetery is the new must-have.
Do you know about the 15-year-old who died 103 years ago after being chased and kissed by girls in the Metropolitan Life Building?
Get ready to "awwwww"! Buffalo's NBC affiliate, WGRZ, has this heartwarming story
Photo via the AP The C-4 explosives found at New York's
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