Tonight's game was a roller coaster, to put it mildly—but in the end, the Knicks won their first playoff series since 1999-2000, four games to two. Exhale.
The ghost of Honey Nut Cheerios was invoked by Celtics benchwarmer Jordan Crawford at the end of the game, when he got in Carmelo Anthony's face and appeared to same some words about Melo's wife.
The Knicks couldn't make a shot, couldn't stop the Celtics when it mattered and couldn't save themselves a trip to Boston Friday night for a huge game six.
The Knicks enter the playoffs with high hopes. They also face the Celtics, a team that knows how to win. Can they get the monkey off their back and win a playoff series?
Have no fear, Beantown diehards: here are a few bars left for you to watch your teams get crushed.
Game 3 of the first round playoff series between the Knicks and
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