The devices allow the interception of data from anyone's cellphone in the vicinity.
"People on the Lower East Side don't have water, electricity, or food. They're frustrated."
Lots of police impersonation in the news today!
The addition of WiFi will make it even easier to compulsively press buttons on the electronic device that is decimating your attention span and making you a magnet for criminals.
Let's just leave the cellphone cameras at home and go back to the days of just taking the NYPD's word for it.
"My best case scenario for this app is that it pushes the police to focus on more positive ways to interact with the community."
After some brilliant theatergoer decided to go and "correct" Arthur Miller's classic drama Death of a Salesman by adding a little digital oomph to Alex North's original 1949 music we got to thinking...
The Department of Corrections has recently picked up a cell-sniffing pup to work the prison's corridors. Can you smell me now?
A teenager who injured his leg after jumping down to the street from the High Line is suing the city for $2.5 million, claiming that he was locked in the park and had no choice.
The program will expand to the Hudson and Harlem lines next month.
Why wait till Tuesday? We're hearing reports of cellphone service appearing on the 8th Avenue L platform.
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