In each case, the grifter arranges to meet his victims to buy a cellphone, then simply takes it and drives away.
The attack happened last month.
Selfies are forever.
Please, please, please turn off your cellphones if you're going to the theater.
"I don’t go to plays very much, and I didn’t realize that the stage is considered off limits."
Do not text during a theatrical performance, you inconsiderate P.O.S.!
The video also shows the suspects throwing a bottle at her after they had followed her into an alley.
This means no more cellphone storage fees.
A man attacked the victim while a woman waited outside the building as a lookout.
If Snoopying becomes the next Planking, you can thank this man.
Teitel apparently failed to question any of the dozens of alleged cheaters until days after an exam.
The NYPD is searching for a robbery suspect who got extremely violent with a victim who tried to resist.
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