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City health officials said Friday that they have found two more cases of the rare illness.

The development follows a presumptive positive reported by the city health department Friday

If the patient tests positive, the results will be sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for confirmation.

Experts are relaxing guidelines for Americans wearing masks indoors.

Until recently, people vaccinated overseas and anyone given shots authorized outside the U.S. weren’t eligible to get boosters — even if they were high risk.

"We have about 1,400 children just in our practice that will become eligible. If you imagine a third of that population calling us Monday to schedule the appointment as soon as possible, then you understand."

Waning immunity and the delta variant make the booster a good idea for some people.

"I am very disappointed in the Supreme Court's appalling and insensitive ruling that eliminates a key line of defense for tenants facing housing insecurity during the ongoing pandemic," Governor Hochul said.

Three truths became self-evident this week when new data on the delta variant spooked federal health officials.

The state has administered more than 20 million vaccine doses to date, with a statewide vaccination rate of 67.2% of adult New Yorkers having received at least one dose.