The remarks came in response to a watchdog report that recommended that 145 NYPD officers should be disciplined for misconduct during the 2020 George Floyd protests.
New numbers released Wednesday show the Civilian Complaint Review Board substantiated allegations of police misconduct in just 27% of the total number of complaints arising from the 2020 racial-justice protests in New York City.
Police union attorneys for Officer Wayne Isaacs had asked the commissioner to halt disciplinary proceedings. Commissioner Sewell rejected that request in a letter received by the city’s police watchdog.
Lawmakers and civil liberties advocates say increased oversight of the NYPD is needed as the city’s police watchdog reaches its statute of limitation on all cases of alleged police misconduct arising from the 2020 racial-justice protests.
The CCRB faces a statute of limitations deadline of May 4th for civilian complaints over the NYPD’s response to the 2020 protests in New York City. Staff members say it’s struggled to fully investigate allegations, both because of a lack of cooperation from the police department and mistakes made within the oversight agency.
Video of the incident had dominated news coverage of the demonstrations.
Outgoing CCRB chair warns of a decline in NYPD compliance with the agency’s recommendations for discipline in cases of police misconduct – urges Adams to “rectify the situation.”
Previously, city rules forced the agency to wait until receiving a formal complaint before launching an investigation.
The CCRB's Chairman, Rev. Fredrick Davie, testified today at a City Council hearing in support of legislation that would grant the agency the power to start its own investigations into police misconduct.
Mullins will be permitted to retire and will not face termination, as many advocates had called for because it would have further limited his benefits.
Williams was killed in a struggle with police that also resulted in the friendly-fire death of a plainclothes officer.
According to the Civilian Complaint Review Board's report, violations ranged from excessive force and untruthful statements to offensive language and discourtesy.
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