Some of the dispensaries seek to exploit loopholes in the state’s cannabis law to make the case that they’re operating legally. Others have thrown any pretense that they’re not really selling weed out the window.
Delta-8 is sold in edibles, vape oils, buds and other run-of-the-mill products for cannabis consumers. And it’s growing in popularity.
Marijuana legalization in other states often excluded those with black market experience and disproportionately left out people of color. Could New York break the legacy?
But the department isn't admitting error, leading to confusion about the legality of the ubiquitous, CBD-producing crop.
Legal advocates say that cops' equating of different Cannabis strains is wrong—but will likely continue to sow confusion until the prohibition is fully lifted.
Among the 15 companies who received warning letters was Bella Rose Labs, which operates out of Brooklyn.
The department touted the confiscation as a 'precision policing' success. A business owner says the substance is legal hemp flower.
Health inspectors will now be authorized to look for CBD food-and-beverage products as part of routine food safety inspections.
The latest space to embrace the CBD craze is Buds and Beans, which opened about a month ago on Vanderbilt Ave in Prospect Heights.
'Since it is expensive for the people who are using it as a medicinal agent to treat different should take it with a high fat meal or snack.'
After June 30th, embargoed food and drink products 'will have to be returned to the supplier or discarded.'
'Why are inspectors who have no idea what they're talking about, why are they going into restaurants and embargoing products they don't understand?'
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