Some residents question if a bus route to Williamsburg is necessary in the network's overhaul.
Because, after all, that spit of land between Williamsburg and Long Island City's nothing but a dark shadowland, and you must NEVER EVER GO THERE, SIMBA.
There are few things in life we can imagine people would want more than a full-throttle, table-dancing, body-shot offering Coyote Ugly-style bikini bar, but apparently that's not always the case.
The Post points to an online calendar on one of the movement's websites that has "Radical Economics 101" scheduled at 10 a.m. on Sunday, October 26, 2025.
A resolution that limits loud noise to two hours a day and arranges access to off-site bathrooms for the protesters was enthusiastically passed.
As the weather gets colder more protesters find the need to protect themselves from the elements, Zuccotti Park is now full of tents.
Community Board 1 members got an earful last night about Occupy Wall Street protesters, who bother some residents with their drumming and defecation. The majority of those in attendance, however, seemed supportive.
Local downtown residents now have a place to say their piece.
One Williamsburg local demands change after being "terrorized" by Widespread Panic fans last weekend.
A TriBeCa restaurant has filed a federal suit against the city, the State Liquor Authority and Community Board 1 claiming that it has been discriminated against because its customers aren't "from this neighborhood."
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