NYC Officials say the city’s drinking water is still safe, but it may taste weird while repairs to the Catskill Aqueduct are ongoing.
New York has millions of acres of land and wild forests that belong to the public.
Benjamin K. Bochtler fell from a rock ledge at Kaaterskill Falls, which has recently seen an uptick in fatalities, thanks in part to its Instagram fame.
The last four people who died at Kaaterskill Falls were taking photos.
The money would be used to clean chemical contamination before the resort site is redeveloped.
Photorapher Marisa Scheinfeld returned to the legendary hotels of the Borscht Belt to photograph their decaying remains.
Who needs Miami?
"From a business standpoint, I think global warming’s a great thing."
The State Police investigation is ongoing.
His wife, who was a nurse on 9/11, was also killed in the crash.
It's a hybrid of culture and country
All three options cost less than a hotel room or possibly a meal in the Hamptons.
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