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The bill would enable at-risk women to have abortions up to 24 weeks into a pregnancy, but who cares about that when a nebulous run at the presidency is at stake?

The Catholic League is mostly upset because the photograph is being shown in Midtown.

One woman said, "At first when I saw it, I actually didn't see it. I didn't see the resemblance that much," but then as she got closer, "I could kind of see the resemblance."

What better way to distract from a possible fundraising scandal than rallying behind Cardinal Dolan?

This guy still doesn't want women who may have insurance through Catholic institutions to have free birth control.

According to ABC News, "Later today the White House — possibly President Obama himself — will likely announce an attempt to accommodate these religious groups."

What if the Virgin Mary had a pregnancy test back in the day?

A group of Fordham students frustrated with the Catholic school's convoluted health care policies is taking matters into their own hands.

Today, Pope Benedict gave his Easter message to the Catholic masses

Are you so tethered to your iPhone that you can't even