Casting call

Do you choose alcohol over eating? MTV wants to film your downward spiral for television audiences worldwide.
Sesame Street is looking for a new human cast member! Try outs will take place August 20th at Roseland Ballroom.
With Bill Murray out, who would you cast as Peter Venkmen in Ghostbusters III? And should this movie ever even happen?
There are so many potential psychos to choose from, but only one can slip effortlessly into a double-breasted suit.
MTV wants to cast Occupy Wall Street protesters for the next Real World. Obviously.
Casting call! Who could play Pat Kiernan in a movie?
We went to the Dark Knight Rises extra casting over the weekend, here's what we learned...
Any interest in man bats, leather costumes, or the collected works of Christopher Nolan? Then head to Manhattan this Saturday for a chance to become an extra in the The Dark Knight Rises!
Casting Call! Who should play Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda in the possible Sex and the City prequel series?
Who would play Holden Caulfield if Catcher in the Rye ever came to the big screen? J.D. Salinger reportedly based Holden on actor Freddie Bartholomew.
These are some big shoes to fill! The Empire State Building
You've got to hand it to the casting directors at HBO—they sure do know how to target an audience.
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