Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino stormed out of the Jersey Shore house, and may be the next cast member to quit.
The Jersey Shore cast will leave Italy later this month, and we'll get to see their overseas antics televised starting August 4th.
It's been three years since The Dark Knight hit the big
Word is that Ben Affleck may be a shoe-in for the role
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is still complaining about the Jersey
Shouldn't the cast of Jersey Shore just be happy enough with
Think you have what it takes to fist pump with Snooki
With the return of Mad Men not happening for at least four
There's a newish sex toy shop in Williamsburg called Shag, and
At 1:33 a.m., MTV announced via a press release that the
The Fame remake will be hitting big screens in the Fall of
Since Amy Poehler had to go and get knocked up, and Tina
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