Legislative Democrats are willing to roll the dice on NYC-area casinos, but only with local input.
Two men posing as Jehovah's Witnesses tricked a 76-year-old Brooklyn woman into letting them into her apartment, then fled with a briefcase containing $100,000 in casino winnings.
A Queens woman was forced to endure a $42 million bait-and-switch earlier this year.
Several people were arrested Friday after a brawl broke out at Resorts World Casino in Queens at the opening of a new New Orleans-style daiquiri bar.
A source familiar with the situation tells Gothamist that the "top price" being discussed by investors was $250 million.
Four casinos will be built in upstate first.
Though Governor Cuomo's plan to legalize gambling is still a ways off that hasn't stopped millions of New Yorkers and our neighbors from gambling away their money in the Empire State.
Finally, the Resorts World Casino has been broken in by area criminals.
If gambling gets legalized they're going to have to put 'em somewhere, and a Manhattan location might help somebody else pay for a new convention center.
With no $4 billion convention center-casino plan, that means no 10,000 construction jobs and no 10,000 permanent jobs.
Some people's addictions are helping kids learn!
Even if gambling does get legalized here (and there are still many hoops to get through) don't expect to see a casino open in Times Square.
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