"The video does not have everything in it," insisted the women's lawyers. "I wouldn't characterize them as tough girls. I think they are misunderstood."
“I hope people don’t recognize me. I don’t want the attention. I’m glad to be back to work,” said former McDonald's cashier Rayon McIntosh.
While 31-year-old Rayon McIntosh has been cleared of all charges, a jury has now voted to indict Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edwards, the two women who jumped over the counter, on burglary charges.
"We were begging them to get security," Rayon McIntosh told DNAInfo. "The McDonald's itself is a problematic store. It has a high, concentrated number of people every day. In the Village, it's crazy."
A jury has voted to dismiss all charges against the McDonald's cashier who used a metal rod to beat two customers who slapped and attacked him at the West Village location in October.
A cashier at the Tribute WTC Visitor Center is accused of
A 91-year-old cashier at the East Northport Rite Aid was back
A 24-year-old woman says she was handcuffed and thrown into a
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