Cash (Will Continue To) Rule Everything Around Me: a new bill prohibits restaurants and retail stores from refusing to accept cash.
Hand over as much as you want; they'll take it.
The owner was found, too!
The victim was carrying $48,000 in total.
The New York State Comptroller Returned $450 Million In Unclaimed Funds Last Year. It takes three seconds to find out if you're owed money.
Of course someone took the bag!
Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money!
Do you avoid cash only restaurants and bars?
"They have completely different DNA from the rest of us," said amateur alien archivist Robert Dankner, who's also president of Prime Manhattan Residential, which caters to rich extraterrestrials (they prefer the term "young tech millionaires").
The AIDS Walk New York has reportedly raised over $150 million since 1986, but all that cash might not be going directly to the HIV programs and services the walk says it supports.
Goldman Sachs, the NYPD, and "unemployed" donors all favor de Blasio.
The jewelry was a $50,000 Rolex and a $50,000 diamond necklace.
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