Carsten holler

You know what goes great with a snowy saturday? Slides.
Did the sensory deprivation tank at the New Museum give two visitors an ear infection?
The awesome exhibit now costs 4 more bucks.
The slide has been saved!
The city says the New Museum didn't get permits for their latest exhibit, which features a giant slide and a skinny dipping tank.
Because not everyone is going to be able to make it to the Bowery this weekend.
A 102-foot-long, three-story slide doesn't just appear inside of a museum, y'know.
Wheeeeeee! The 102-foot-long Carsten Höller slide, and so much more, is in at the New Museum!
The New Museum is installing a giant, three-story slide as part of a new exhibit and we can't wait.
Photo courtesy Alaina B. You'll recall that the new exhibit at the
Markus Tretter, © Carsten Höller/VBK The Guggenheim's upcoming group show, called "theanyspacewhatever,"
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