"When I was driving away, I had the whole block cheering for me, and I was just hoping someone captured it on video."
"We're about to make the biggest change to alternate side parking in the last two decades: New Yorkers only have to move their cars once a week."
"For the next few months, people are going to make their own choices. Some are going to come on mass transit and some are not."
New York City has a lot of rules about where trucks and commercial vehicles can and can't access throughout the city for a good reason.
After a successful car-free trial run in Prospect Park this summer, Mayor Bill de Blasio says he will banish them from the park for good.
After half a year without any answers, we finally know the deep dark secret identity of the vehicle's owner: it's a random dad.
"I think what's happened in the past too often is there weren't clear consequences," de Blasio said.
The driver is alleged to be a "total hipster."
This week's question comes from a New Yorker who just inherited a car and wonders if it's worth it.
"What has angered us the very most is that when she leaves one of her staff literally walks into the street and stops cars and pedestrians from passing," one neighbor said.
Oy my car, I'm all fermisht from this meshugena film shoot.
Mayor de Blasio is expected to announce this week that car traffic in Central and Prospect parks is soon to be drastically cut back. Christmas? Already?!
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