Carriage horse

The mayor has called the practice "inhumane," while supporters of the industry accuse de Blasio of pandering to wealthy donors.
The horse suffered lacerations to its midsection, head and front right leg.
The 12-year-old mare was seen on video collapsing in Central Park.
Carriage horses may be limited to only Central Park.
Animal rights advocates say that horses are being forced to working in unbearable conditions.
A witness tells Gothamist that a horse was hit by a taxi in midtown at around 10 a.m. this morning, though police say they have not been able to locate either the horse or the cabdriver.
"He was forcing [the horse] to make the light. The horse was tired."
The City Council confirmed that it did have enough votes to pass the now-defunct legislation.
There is a lot of neigh-ing already.
The new plan would cut carriage horses by two thirds.
A recent poll shows that 67 percent of New Yorkers oppose a ban on carriage horses.
The horse, Pumpkin, was eventually corralled by carriage horse drivers.
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