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A widely supported program for helping homeless New Yorkers and people facing imminent eviction was not included in the state budget. Supporters speculate that it was not approved out of unfounded concerns that costs would spiral out of control.
Union leaders sent a letter to Gov. Hochul and legislative leaders last week stating that housing insecurity is a major cause of stress for their members. The bill would limit landlords’ abilities to raise rent and evict tenants.
“The New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee is making great progress preparing the report of its investigation of the former Governor."
"I think many people were in a place where they felt like Carl had to choose between us and Cuomo."
Findings from the five-month, taxpayer-funded probe will be made public.
One of the reasons, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie cited, was that the Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair didn't think they had the standing to conduct the investigation.
Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Lavine said they are working "expeditiously."
During Cuomo's remarks, a video slideshow played that showed him touching and kissing various people at public events.
Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Assemblymember Ron Kim both have the virus, the lawmakers said Tuesday.
Both the State Senate and Assembly are anticipated to pass the legislation Monday during a special session.
"The defendant’s wife is a government employee whose reported income does not explain the couple’s wealth."
Passed by a 39-21 margin, the bill concerns the president's state tax documents, which would have much of the same information as his long-sought federal filing.
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