Car vs building

The driver apparently started driving erratically.
Three people were seriously injured.
A BMW plowed into the Michell Gold + Bob Williams furniture store at around 1:37 p.m. today.
Three people had serious injuries.
"Authorities say the mini school bus was hit from behind by a white four-door Toyota in the middle of the intersection after that driver ran a red light."
Apparently the Mercedes clipped a SUV.
The store owner's husband said, "I heard BOOM and saw the car there smoking. We couldn't get out!"
A taxi driver jumped a curb last night and struck a pedestrian. Why can't cabs stay where they belong?
The driver apparently hit the gas instead of the brakes.
Teens: Bad drivers and really horny? Newsday reports that an 18-year-old
Yesterday, a truck hit a Chinatown business near the Manhattan Bridge—and
Photograph by Daniel Jeffries Reader Daniel Jeffries sent us this picture
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