Car free

The pilot will run from July 17th through September 11th.
Slide over the images for a look at Broadway with cars, and without cars.
In addition to banning cars from Broadway for an afternoon, roads will close to car traffic in three others boroughs this year on Earth Day.
It's a symbolic effort to cut down on car-sourced carbon emissions.
Valerio B's Flickr Realizing the worst fears of cantankerous Post columnists
The controversial Williamsburg Walks went down this weekend on Bedford Avenue. Bending
Yesterday was a gorgeous day to kick off the 2009's season of
Photograph by Jook Leung on The new, car-free Broadway blocks
Photograph by dogseat on Flickr Today is the second of three
Photo courtesy istolethetv. The first Summer StreetsSaturday took place over the weekend,
The first Summer Streets Saturday, where the city closed 7 miles of
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