Car crashes

"One or two inches the wrong way and they could’ve gone over the highway and into the water."
A new set of ads from the DOT aim to appeal not to driver's possible entanglement with the law, but their consciences.
A New Yorker has a traffic-related injury every 10 seconds.
Eight people were injured after a BMW and a Bentley, both driven by allegedly drunk drivers, crashed into each other in the Flatiron District at 3:46 this morning.
Nobody panic—50 Cent is GOING TO BE OKAY, but you should know won't be able to avoid hearing the news that 50 was in a car accident early this morning on the LIE.
The U.S. Secret Service: When they're not banging prostitutes, they're running people over with their cars.
A leading company that provides red light cameras to catch drivers breaking traffic laws has been putting some of its vast cache of footage on YouTube.
One witness who saw Strauss driving moments before the crash said, "He flew past us. He was swerving in and out of traffic…I could hear the tires screeching."
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