Car chase

A man was hospitalized after a speeding driver crashed a stolen car into his Corvette early Tuesday morning.
"She loses her life, innocent. Nobody deserves that."
"Lady just lost her life right here on Linden and 225th."
This is his second investigation as special prosector on police-involved deaths.
It is unclear whether police have found the reported gun.
And real accidents involving real New Yorkers were included in the movie.
A police chase involving a stolen black hummer this afternoon in Chelsea has sent eight people to the hospital, according to the FDNY.
Apparently the New Rochelle police wanted to question the occupants of a Nissan Maxima after they had been seen in the lot of a Honda dealership.
Earlier this morning, a car chase turned into one man's nightmare when a vehicle being pursued by Connecticut police crashed into a home in New Haven and landed on top of a sleeping man.
Via CBS 2 It turns out that Orlando Santos, who was
The other side of the Ferry (via specialkrb's flickr). From kidnapping
Mary Quinn A Long Island woman stopped by an officer for
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