Car accident

At least 60 people have died in traffic crashes this year, the highest total since 2013, the year before former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero safety initiative took effect with the goal of eliminating traffic deaths.
Police at the scene handcuffed the driver, though it wasn’t immediately clear what charges the driver faced.
Footage of the incident shows a vehicle in flames at the corner of Prospect Park West and Prospect Park Southwest.
Shortly after stealing the police car, the man crashed it into two other vehicles.
The Brooklyn-bound lanes of the Brooklyn Bridge are closed after a big car accident earlier this morning.
There are no reported fatalities.
Franklin Reyes, the unlicensed driver who allegedly fatally struck a four-year-old while escaping the police last year, really has a thing for fleeing.
An unlicensed driver who killed a four-year-old last year has once again led police on a dangerous car chase.
One driver recalled sliding in his car for 20 seconds.
By a common Mazda, no less.
Insert joke comparing the Jets' recent performance to a car crash here.
Thomas Lewis, 36, had to evacuate his Seaside Heights home after the hurricane last month.
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