As you can see in the photos below, it appears the driver plowed through a chain link fence that separates the parking lot from the platform.
A video shows the car scaling the sidewalk.
After half a year without any answers, we finally know the deep dark secret identity of the vehicle's owner: it's a random dad.
The driver reportedly told cops he left his girlfriend at a restaurant to 'teach her a lesson about smoking' shortly before he struck her.
The FDNY has confirmed that at least one person is dead and 22 people were injured in the incident.
The ocean is a fickle tableau.
The driver is alleged to be a "total hipster."
While it's still scientifically impossible to raise the dead, the next best thing is to pay homage to Jerry Orbach by transforming a used sedan into a lowrider-style Orbach mobile
The driver was allegedly evading arrest.
The suspect, who wasn't wearing a shirt at the time, allegedly broke the car's side mirror and beat the driver with a bike lock.
"You can't just pick up somebody's nice car and toss it wherever."
A driver abandoned his car after striking another vehicle and overturning the car in Williamsburg last night.
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