Capitol riots

Aaron Mostofsky, dressed in fur pelts and a bullet proof vest, stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6
Thomas Webster, is the first of roughly 150 defendants charged with assaulting an officer to make his case before a jury.
Aaron Mostofsky, a 35-year-old Midwood resident, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of civil disorder, along with theft of government property and entering and remaining in a restricted building, both misdemeanors.
Legislators invoked the Capitol rioters and warned against efforts to stymie voting rights in New York.
A total of 72 residents of New York and New Jersey faced charges for their role in the January 6th siege of the U.S. Capitol, which left five people dead and scores of police officers injured and traumatized.
Scott Kevin Fairlamb had been in the news prior to the riots for protesting Governor Murphy's COVID restrictions.
A review by WNYC/Gothamist of hacked records appears to tie several law enforcement officers and public officials in New York to a far-right militia linked with the attack on U.S. Capitol in January. Mayor de Blasio's office has announced an investigation.
What does it mean for Republican party in NJ when an Oath Keeper who was at the Capitol attack runs for office?
Everyone he encountered in New Jersey seemed to know he was a white supremacist, but he wasn’t arrested until after he stormed the Capitol. A judge now says he must remain jailed until trial.
On March 2nd, the filing states, Carpenter "voluntarily provided the tambourine she confirmed that she carried inside the Capitol."
One of the men was recognized by a former business associate who accused him of stealing nearly $500,000.
"He goes after that cop like a junkyard dog. Teeth bared. Fists clenched."
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