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It ain't cheap, but you can hear the ocean from your bed.

TSX Broadway will feature an enormous retail cavern wrapped in a hulking LED screen, just floor after floor of sheer capitalist opportunity.

'It just looks like brand advertising. There's an Apple store right across the street!'

In the absence of a trust-buster in the White House, is there anything that mere mortals can do to reduce Amazon's sway over our lives and pocketbooks?

Amazon is worth twice as much as Walmart, and has contributed more to the destruction of smaller retailers than any run-of-the-mill corporate giant could have dreamed.

It's just like a great poet once said: "Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat locked in an eternal struggle with the systems that seek to strip me of my humanity."

James called the statue a "powerful beacon," while others see a cynical corporate publicity stunt.

"Being a real-world Pokémon trainer is like, every millennial's dream. I'm just one of the first people to do it."

Uber's lawyers tried to get a judge to dismiss the suit, but it's going forward, with a trial set for November.