Capital plan

"This couldn't be better, this plan exceeds my wildest expectations."
"What we are hearing today is that the MTA is at a point where it is indeed exhausting its resources," one Board member said.
Starting with the 8th Avenue line.
One Port Authority board member called the LaGuardia AirTrain project "amongst the most ill-conceived projects that I've experienced in government."
The governor took a trip down to the subway tracks yesterday to launch new state Department of Health initiatives to combat the virus.
The funding for this phase is still to come.
"I have a very high degree of confidence that the money will be found."
Guess which list Pizza Rat landed on.
The state has "a number of questions about its content and issues."
He says it would cost the MTA $40 million.
"The first phase, let's face it, has taken a very long time."
There will also be a $5 million study of the Utica Avenue subway line we know we need.
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