His specialty, sources say, are his "Wardenchiladas."
The Disney Store in Times Square, like stores across the country, has apparently run out of plush Frozen paraphernalia, and parents are starting to take matters into their own hands.
Pain 35 apparently depicts "two nearly naked women being tortured with heinous items, including nipple clamps, a leg spreader, a riding crop, rope, handcuffs and needles."
May we recommend you wrap each other in dumplings and nuzzle up to some corn/pickled mushrooms and a drizzle of Moroccan glaze?
Defense lawyers for the alleged "Cannibal Cop" are as quick and efficient as a George Foreman grill.
Prosecutors say Valle used an NYPD laptop and its national crime databases to look up information on his alleged intended kidnap targets, and he also targeted a fellow NYPD officer.
"I just like to get a little dirty with the ideas...I just have a world in my mind and in that world, I am kidnapping women and selling them to people interested in buying them."
Day two in the trial of alleged "Cannibal Cop" Gilberto Valle continued yesterday with testimony from several of the defendant's alleged targets/menu items.
"I know S&M is popular," Valle's wife testified. "But this seemed different. The girl on the front page was dead."
The latest macabre revelation to emerge from the endlessly gross "cannibal cop" case involves allegations of domestic cannibalism.
It's never too early in the morning to add more disturbing details to the bulging "Cannibal Cop" file in your brain.
"Look it up in the dictionary, the true meaning of 'cannibal' is that he ate human meat," Elizabeth Valle told the Daily News. "He hasn’t eaten a human being!"
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