Some confectioners are experimenting with THC syrups that can be added to beverages. Others are trying nanotechnology to make edibles with highs that are more consistent.
While everyone’s body experiences cannabis differently, being armed with some basic information can make the process of experimenting a little smoother.
"We want to show people that this is a positive thing,” said Ben Kovler, the CEO of Green Thumb Industries. “Lead with information: very clean look, tested, safe product."
The proposal targets minority communities grossly impacted by “heavy-handed” marijuana arrests.
Starting Thursday, 13 dispensaries opened to the 6.6 million New Jerseysans who are older than 21.
The New York City mayor outlined his vision for cannabis greenhouses on public-housing rooftops in Albany earlier this month.
State cannabis regulators voted Monday to allow seven companies with medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey to begin selling to the general public.
A UC Berkeley study alleges that secondhand bong smoke might be just as harmful as cigarette smoke. But given the heavy restrictions on marijuana research, this takeaway might not be completely valid.
Some of the dispensaries seek to exploit loopholes in the state’s cannabis law to make the case that they’re operating legally. Others have thrown any pretense that they’re not really selling weed out the window.
The acquisition will create the largest marijuana company in the United States by revenue. It’s part of a trend that some worry will squeeze out small producers.
“We acknowledge that if we want a different outcome for our equity entrepreneurs, we have to take a different approach,” said Chris Alexander, executive director of the state’s Office of Cannabis Management.
Aspiring entrepreneurs are facing significant challenges entering the state's cannabis industry, including fierce competition for licenses, local barriers to entry and sparse warehouse space.
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