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Housing Works, which already sells books and used clothes, will soon be selling weed as well.

Parts of New York will be off limits to recreational dispensaries for the time being after an entrepreneur won a federal injunction against the state’s equity program.

The rapper and entrepreneur is looking to create the largest Black-owned cannabis business in the U.S.

Dawson is a global cannabis advocate and a best-selling author in the cannabis industry.

A group of cannabis entrepreneurs in NY and NJ sent the Senate Majority Leader a letter Friday outlining the need for greater access to banking services.

Most of what’s being harvested for legal dispensaries isn’t attractive enough for “bag appeal” or potent enough to be sold for smoking.

New regulations take effect August 3rd. “We will give at least a 14-day heads up before the application opens,” a state spokesperson said.

Misleading claims about health benefits and any indication that a product is “safe” or “organic” would also be outlawed.

The New York Office of Cannabis Management spelled out the perks for early applicants this week, but advocates say some of the proposed rules may still be too restrictive.

Some confectioners are experimenting with THC syrups that can be added to beverages. Others are trying nanotechnology to make edibles with highs that are more consistent.