SEE IT: a Brooklyn resident is parachuting candy to kids on the sidewalk below.
"The car stopped and he said, 'Come, come over here, we have candies for you.' They started getting out of the car. And once they got out of the car, [the kids] ran for their life."
The country's most popular Valentine's Day candy is taking its first vacation in over 100 years.
Are these treats going to get me high, are they going to give me a sugar high, or are they just going to give me a shallower glitter high?
Why waste your time with candy-colored ice cream and pizza pop-ups when you can skip straight to mainlining actual candy directly into your Instagram feed?
Apparently, it only counts as "new" if the base is new, i.e. not made from milk, "special dark," creme (ugh) or, now, caramel.
Halloween is just around the corner, and we've got candy on the brain.
The cocaine was cleverly concealed in individually-wrapped Mini Bum candy wrappers.
This is a definitive list, do not argue.
Did you know there's actual egg in there?
The Keebler elves have been plotting their return since de Blasio Hulk-smashed the primary.
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