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Bishop Lamor Whitehead was streaming a sermon online when three unidentified armed men burst into his Canarsie church and robbed him and his wife, according to the NYPD.

The Sunday afternoon blaze also claimed the life of a FDNY firefighter and injured nine others, including one civilian.

The man reportedly wrapped a gun in a condom, sticking it in his rectum to avoid detection by bar security.

Five of the victims were shot in a coordinated drive-by shooting, according to police.

"This is a young man, he has a future ahead of him, he's a good person and we cannot say that he is a criminal, because he's not," Gayle's sister, Tina Reid, said.

“We will be underwater financially before we are underwater physically.”

A senior visiting her son from Florida for the holidays was fatally struck by a hit-and-run driver while in a Brooklyn crosswalk on Friday afternoon, police said.

Thousands of Brooklyn residents were still without power this morning, after Con Ed throttled service in certain neighborhoods amid a searing heat wave and record-shattering energy use on Sunday night.

Many of those attendance said they had heard about the tunnel repairs, but were still not aware of what their options would be for commuting to the city come April.