Canal street

The gunman fled the scene and has not been identified, the NYPD says.
An investigation into a phenomenon that oozes New York.
As Bruce Springsteen once sang, "Everything dies baby, that's a fact—but maybe everything that dies one day comes back to life as luxury housing."
This happened at the Canal Street subway station.
Fried chicken lovers still have Williamsburg though.
The teen shoved the drunk man to safety under the lip of the train platform.
Pedal, brake, pedal, dead pigeon, dead pigeon, pigeons eating vomit, skateboard, pothole, swerve, veer, green light, burning smell, casino bus!
A pedestrian was struck and killed by the driver of a truck coming off the Manhattan Bridge.
It's in the top 10% of Manhattan intersections where crashes result in injury or death.
It's about seven feet tall.
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