Canada goose

Remember H9Z4? How could you forget this face! He's been given
Photo by Anne-Katrin Titze Prospect Park's unofficial wildlife rehabilitator, and friend
When life hands you mass avian slaughter, make braised Canada goose!
It took her a while, but after what was surely an
Photo via gimmesanity's flickr Prospect Park has seen its share of
A 2009 Post cover Are Canada geese fighting back at the
The roundup of Canada geese around NYC airports is now nearly
According to the NY Post, Operation Kill At Least 2,000 NYC
Photograph by yojimbot on Flickr The Humane Society of the United
Photograph of geese in Gantry Park by themikebot on Flickr In
Today, the Federal Aviation administration will release data on bird strikes,
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