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The project is part of a pair of renewable energy investments expected to supply a third of the city’s annual electricity usage.

The Iron Scow lodged itself in the Niagara River in 1918, and didn't move for over a century. Until Thursday.

United flight 179 got stuck at a Canadian Royal Air Force base overnight, in extremely subzero temperatures.

Canada's more well-mannered breed of commuter rodent.

The restaurant offers a taste of Montreal fare, including the city's ubiquitous drunk person's go-to.

The good news is, Trudeau managed to escape Trump's handshake of doom! The bad news is, Trump is still President.

The Canadian government says it was a terrorist attack.

Canadians have launched a social media campaign dedicated to stopping America from jumping off the ledge this election year.

Uncover the region's rich beginnings, from First Nations peoples to Viking pioneers to colonists like French Acadians and British Loyalists, via these six experiences.