Campaign finance

The battle over to-go beverages has pitted the restaurant industry against the liquor store industry, which has a history of influence in Albany.
The allegations will likely be raised against him should he choose to seek a run for governor, something he has hinted at but has not formally announced.
“It’s not everyday that you have an $18 million-dollar campaign war chest that’s being used to pay for the ex-governor’s political hitman.”
The first citywide election with ranked-choice voting is the June primary.
'He no longer had a campaign, so it’s hard to see how those campaign expenses are justified,' said Brendan Fischer, Director of Federal Reform for the Campaign Legal Center, a Washington watchdog group.
Is our mayor running a crooked campaign or is he gaming a flawed system out of political necessity?
With donation limits sky high, incumbent politicians and candidates in New York are motivated to hunt for a few wealthy individuals, corporations, or political action committees to fuel their campaigns.
Voters could decided to make maximum contributions much smaller this November
A grand jury has reportedly heard evidence in the wide-ranging corruption case.
The mayor was also just fined nearly $48,000 for campaign finance violations.
City Hall seems to have gotten hit with yet another subpoena.
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