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Health experts don’t think parents and kids need to abandon their return to normalcy, but they do recommend a couple of extra considerations for summer camp, vacations and social gatherings.

The YMCA of Greater New York is asking $5 million for the Orange County parcel, and is “evaluating all offers” including a rumored $4.6 million offer from a private camp operator.

Camps that use city parks will need special events permits from the Parks Department, which the mayor promised will be processed rapidly.

The governor's administration did not immediately release details on health and distancing guidelines for campers during COVID-19.

This year's Met Gala, and the Costume Institute exhibit at the Met, will focus on Camp.

If you do leave your apartment this winter, it's best to find refuge at a fireplace bar. Here are the best ones.

The lawsuit characterized the interactions between the two kids as "the summer romance that most teens yearn for."

"Yes, 100 percent yes," Michael Showalter said on Watch What Happens Live. "The whole gang, everyone's doing it." Funny enough, "Everyone's Doing It" sounds exactly like one of the rejected titles for the film.

The underground director, who inspired a young John Waters, was a New York native who produced an incredible number of campy-yet-heartfelt classics.