Calvin klein

The world's first graffiti vandal drone, high five.
The police reportedly strip-searched Nick Gruber.
We spoke to photographer Natalia Yeromina about the capturing the clothes, keeping calm in the chaos, and, of course, what kind of camera she uses.
Given the belt-tightening era we live in, the Black Eyed Peas' show feels like a gilded relic of the early 2000s. Smoke cannons bellowed as dancers pranced in front of a riot of visual effects.
Calvin Klein has a history of provocative ads dating back to when
Photo courtesy of Calvin Klein Calvin Klein has a new racy
When the Bronx Zoo was trying to get their cheetahs in
Photo via Copyranter You can take the orgy out of the
photo by on flickr Just months after Calvin Klein pulled
Looks like Calvin Klein succumbed to the prudes in SoHo who just
Photo via bitchcakes flickr C'mon New York, are we such prudes
Ah, Fashion Week, so decadent. Calvin Klein wins the fancy pants award
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