Bodegas are exempt for now.
Someone calculated the calories you can burn by walking between subway stops.
So, so many calories.
Restaurants are better off advertising the number of miles it takes to burn off an entree instead of standalone calories, according to researchers.
FYI you can find out how many calories are in that pizza you're about to order on Seamless.
A new app is here to let you know that your macaroni and cheese has lots of calories.
The latest study indicates that menu calorie counters can have little to no impact on choices made by diners.
A soft drink "insider" complains that soda companies "spent huge sums" to alter their manufacturing process so that the bottle sizes would comply with the 16 ounce cap.
The more calories you eat daily, the higher your chances are of being losing your memory when you get older.
Ladies, get it together—science also says men like women with some meat on their bones.
A new study breaks the shocking news that calorie postings at fast food restaurants help people make healthier choices...when they bother to read them.
A new study out of Tufts found that posted calorie counts in restaurants are wrong about one fifth of the time. But not always in the way you would expect.
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