Calorie counts

Bodegas are exempt for now.
Nope. NOPE.
One third of us don't even SEE them anymore.
Plus movie theaters, vending machines and amusement parks nationwide.
Restaurants are better off advertising the number of miles it takes to burn off an entree instead of standalone calories, according to researchers.
FYI you can find out how many calories are in that pizza you're about to order on Seamless.
The latest study indicates that menu calorie counters can have little to no impact on choices made by diners.
The mayoral hopeful announced a regulation that would curb the calories of kids meals at restaurants if she makes it to City Hall.
Until recently, Shake Shack had been exempt from a Health Department regulation requiring chain restaurants in NYC to prominently display their calorie info. Now the ignorance party's over.
The Cheesecake Factory wants you to look SkinnyLicious.
A new study breaks the shocking news that calorie postings at fast food restaurants help people make healthier choices...when they bother to read them.
A new study out of Tufts found that posted calorie counts in restaurants are wrong about one fifth of the time. But not always in the way you would expect.
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