They're serving up the best tres leches cake that NYC has to offer.
Lady M Confections has accused a former employee of stealing over 1,000 cakes in four months.
Giant cake versions of the Guggenheim, the African American Museum, and the original McDonald's were among the best at this year's Archtober event.
Trump's 'victory cake' has captured his essence quite unlike any other likeness of him ever.
They are perfect. They are family-friendly. They are indisputable. They are apolitical. They are the anti-disorder.
Gasoline is not an ingredient in desserts.
Never go full Giuliani.
Cookie Puss is really a space alien!
Columbia University has in the past been accused of mishandling sexual assault cases, but things are different now. To reward itself for doing such a wonderful job, Columbia went ahead and bought itself a cake.
Angela Logan baked hundreds of apple cakes to save her home from foreclosure in 2009.
Would you eat Betty White (the cake)?
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