Meet 11-month old Cairo, a stray found in Brooklyn during Hurricane Sandy who suffered serious heart problems—he's now fully recuperated and ready to be adopted.
NYC-based Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy is recovering from a brutal arrest by riot police while she was covering demonstrations near Tahrir Square in Cairo on Wednesday night.
Logan, right before the cameraman's battery died and minutes before she
Lara Logan speaking on 60 Minutes CBS News reporter Lara Logan
Last week, CBS News revealed that correspondent Lara Logan "suffered a
The journalist and now ex-NYU fellow who belittled the "brutal and
Yesterday, CBS News revealed its chief foreign affairs correspondent, Lara Logan,
Mikest's Flickr Less than twelve hours after Kenneth Cole was scolded
Photograph, taken at last Saturday's U.N. rally, by shannon.otoole on Flickr
Thugs on the payroll of Egyptian tyrant (and American pal) Hosni
In spite of the Egyptian government's mid-afternoon curfew, thousands of anti-government
Egyptians in New York City held a rally in support of
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