Cadman plaza

Around 25,000 turned up at the march and rally, held in protest of Trump's immigration policy and the forcible separation of families seeking asylum in the U.S.
Washington was one of the thousands who turned up for the rally against separation and detention of migrant families.
No, you're not losing it.
"As far as I know, none of the purported subpoenas have had anything to do with the project."
"What we got was a lot of drama, but no transparency."
Is the plan "truly innovative," or "relatively hasty"?
The neighbors aren't pleased.
"It's not about a white or black thing, it's about one thing: justice."
A gas truck crashed into the guard rail on the southbound BQE near Cadman Plaza shortly before 5 p.m.
No need to panic, just wash your hands! (And maybe never leave the house ever again.)
Brooklyn Heights residents have mixed opinions about the plan to try
NotifyNYC just sent a notice: "Emergency personnel are on the scene of
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