A third of the city's households still don't have access to Fios, despite a promise made under Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
According to the AG, the new cable company sucks as much as the old cable company.
TWC has “been failing to take adequate or necessary steps to keep pace with the demand of [their] consumers," to no one's surprise.
Impacting, internet, phone, and cable service.
Don't plug the cable cord back in just yet, streaming is still your best option.
Before this multimedia Rosemary's Baby inflicts its pain upon the world, the deal has to be approved by Congress, and it looks like one of the acquisition's biggest champions won't be there to cheer it on.
NY1 is not danger, at least!
A newer, bigger cable company to despise!
The blackout has been briefly lifted.
"We believe that Aereo is pirating our broadcast signal."
In the end, Time Warner Cable is doing the right thing.
With so many still without power things like cable and internet aren't exactly on the top of people's minds. But if you lost yours last week you want to read this.
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