A cab driver has been accused of whipping a passenger with a belt in Brooklyn after the passenger claimed she couldn't pay her fare.
"He landed about 10 or 15 punches and I couldn’t see anything. He was screaming, 'I’m going to kill you, you Muslim a**hole!'"
The cab driver offered three men a free ride on a cold night, and wound up getting slashed in the face.
A pedestrian was injured this morning after a taxi driver jumped the curb and slammed into a light pole in front of The Met.
The taxi's security camera captured her screaming at the driver from the backseat.
A Manhattan judge ruled that Cooper's death was "not a crime."
"The conditions were dark that night," said attorney Raymond Colon. "The weather may have been a little inclement."
They've now named him Autumn, although we maybe would have gone with Awwwwwwtumn.
Maybe it can help you get an idea of the best places in NYC to pickup a cab.
This is a photo of a classic New York City moment, and we kind of wouldn't have it any other way.
A man was arrested after he allegedly punched a cabbie, stole his cab, and led cops on a foot chase on the side of the Henry Hudson Parkway.
A 75-year-old Russian tourist was assaulted by a taxi driver after he refused to pay a $149 cab fare on a ride that barely lasted a few minutes.
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