Cabaret law

The "Zoning for Dancing" resolution calls for dancing and entertainment to be allowed everywhere in the city for establishments with 200 people or less.
On Tuesday, the City Council is set to repeal the reviled Cabaret Law, which has made dancing illegal in the vast majority of the city's bar and restaurants for nearly a century.
"It's going to be even better in a place as cool as New York City," the mayor said, as a few dozen costumed guests, and one large peacock, filed into an adjacent room for a bordello-themed poetry night.
De Blasio supports ending a widely-hated law against dancing in bars and nightclubs, but he wants more security cameras to document all your funky moves.
"They started enforcing the Cabaret Law in Williamsburg right around the time they rezoned the whole waterfront to be condos," one venue owner said.
On Thursday night, hundreds of would-be dancers packed into Bushwick DIY venue Market Hotel to raise awareness about the ongoing effort to repeal the archaic law.
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