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Another yellow cab driver facing 'economic devastation' has taken his own life, marking the fifth apparent suicide of a professional driver in as many months.

'By the time they get around to fixing this, how many more lives will have been destroyed?'

The stickers will remind cabbies to watch for pedestrians while making turns.

Sometimes you need to hear a classic mid-'80s song on your way home.

The cabbie who careened up onto a midtown sidewalk and seriously injured a British tourist Tuesday afternoon is grief-stricken and remorseful—but he also says cyclists are to blame.

"The [gunman] didn’t give him time," the driver's brother says. "He just shot him. He hit him twice in the shoulder. Then, when my brother got out, he shot him on the ground in the stomach."

A cyclists and a cab driver lock horns, and an area filmmaker is there to document it.

Anyone alarmed that Footman is still driving two days a week will have to stay on edge another two years: his license expires in 2014.

Ever wanted eavesdrop on the semi-private conversations had by your cabbie in a language that you don't understand?