Cab driver

A green cab driver who sped off after fatally striking a woman on a sidewalk in Queens this weekend has been released from police custody without any charges.
A New York judge has temporarily blocked a state congestion pricing surcharge that would have added a $2.50 fee to yellow cabs and some for-hire vehicles in order to help fund the subways.
A cabbie pursued a hit-and-run driver seven miles through the Bronx, helping police bring him in.
The woman he fatally struck was reportedly suicidal.
The cabbie apparently swerved into the bus lane to veer around a stopped vehicle, struck the victim, and dragged her down the street.
The agency contends that he took several hour-long breaks over the course of his shift.
Two people were seriously injured when a taxi driver jumped a curb on East 59th Street near Madison Avenue.
And finally tonight, here's a rebel cab driver just doing things his own freaky way and driving up on the damn sidewalk in Hell's Kitchen.
He then yelled out the window, "Are you sure you don't want to, you know, come back with me?"
The driver says he was holding a newspaper to shield his eyes from the sun when turning.
Cab drivers. When they aren't opening up about sex in taxicabs or refusing to take you back to Queens, they're composing the next viral hit.
Yes, your driver knows you are having sex back there–that's why he keeps hitting potholes.
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