By chloe

The new space is supposedly designed as an homage to its iconic predecessor, but falls short on that promise.
Here are the two tenants who ARE taking over the space.
A butcher shop and vegetarian chain teamed up to make a hot dog from a carrot.
Are these treats going to get me high, are they going to give me a sugar high, or are they just going to give me a shallower glitter high?
Are you ready 30Rock?
Here's a look at another popular vegan restaurant, by Chloe Coscarelli.
Ownership insists "nothing will change" even though the chain's namesake figured head has been ousted.
ESquared Hospitality, who'd made significant investment in the brand, has "terminated" its relationship with founder Chloe Coscarelli.
They'll offer an off-menu "'Burg BLT," which employs the restaurant's mind-blowing mushroom "bacon."
We're jealous.
They're not just great dairy-free milkshakes, they're great milkshakes period.
Chloe Coscarelli gives us mini-pies, layer cakes, babka, cupcakes, cookies, coffee cakes, muffins, lemon bars, and ice "cream" cones, and it's all vegan, all the time.
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