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Interrogation topics included the Cohen story, the Mueller investigation, collusion, and talkshow host Joy Behar.

Next time you're thinking about shucking in public, do remember to bring a classy tray table. [Update: is anything real anymore?]

Buzzfeed published a harrowing account of spending 36 hours in semi-close quarters with our favorite very classy combover enthusiast Donald Trump. Find out what the most WTF LOL OMG moments were below.

What is @horse_ebooks, and why should humans care about its existence?

Today BuzzFeed published a post entitled The Story Of Egypt’s Revolution In "Jurassic Park" GIFs. This struck some as glib and in poor taste. Not us!

The listicle provoked interesting questions about what it means to go through The System and how fiercely some of us are willing to defend it.

"It was an EDP holding a doll. It appeared to be a Cabbage Patch doll."